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one thing i can tell you is you got to be free [entries|friends|calendar]
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July 23 / 01:42 pm
I'm sorry but I had to say: Raise your hand if you think Backstreet Boys Incomplete "song" is the worst shit on the radio. My hand is up.
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July 17 / 11:51 am
I hate this journal. It's pointless and a total waste of time. I will not be updating anymore. The only journal (to me) that is worth my time is a private jouranl, so eff this "what i did today" shit. Lmao not like I didn't realize that before, since I've been writing "what i did today" for like over a year, I just did it because I was wasting time. And now I don't feel like wasting my time and writing empty words into a little blog every other day! :D My private journal is fine for me.

I'm still going to keep this just to read the journals of friends.. mainly Erica hahaha, and whoever else if anyone else updates. Peace ♥
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July 15 / 06:52 pm
I'm back from my trip. It was a good one. Except I'm in a really bad mood right now and I will tell you why. I was in an airport/airplane for the past 17 hours. Our last day in Seattle, we went around the city and saw the locks and ate lunch and shopped and stuff, but it was 8pm and we had nothing to do so we went to the airport early (we were supposed to board at 11pm). We're sitting there, and American Airlines fucks up (#1) and our flight is delayed until 1:30am. Hooray we have to sit in an airport for 5 hours. We get on the plane, and it's an old crappy plane and I'm cramped as hell and I'm in this dreamlike sleep state for the whole ride (almost 4 hours). We have to make a connection in Texas, and because the flight was delayed, we miss our connection flight, so we have to wait for one that leaves at 11am. So we're sitting in Texas from like 5am-11am. That's like 6 hours sleeping in the most uncomfortable plastic chair imaginable in an airport. I'm like curled up with the plastic jutting in to me and trying to sleep with all the noise and some screaming little kid, my youngest brother is sprawled out on the floor sleeping next to my dad, my parents are crabby of course, and on top of that my brother Kenny barfs, right there while I'm trying to buy a banana to eat for breakfast. He leaves a trail of barf all the way to the bathroom and we have to get the people to clean it. I got to sleep on the flight from Texas to Florida, but it was bright out and there was lots of babies so that sucked. Sighhh ok I'll stop complaining.

I loooove California.
3 nights in Walnut Creek/San Fran (seeing my little cousins aw and 4th of July)
2 nights in Mendocino on the beach
2 nights in a cabin on a cliff in Emerald Isle with a swing that goes off the edge of the world :)
2 nights in Portland
3 nights in Seattle

Basically my whole wardrobe is in the laundry right now haha. I have soo many pictures. The cabin was adorable. We went on so many fucking beach trails and cliffs and stuff in Mendocino hahah, but it was worth it. The Saturday Market in Portland was amazing I got gifts for friends and a belt and such. Weirdest thing - in Portland I ran into Tyler and all these random kids on their teen tour lmfaooo right in the middle of the street. What are the chances of that? So weird. Got a top and leather wallet at the Fillmore Jazz Festival in San Fran, went to Haight-Ashbury and got a tshirt. Saw the Space Needle, went WHALE WATCHING! In Seattle (I have a picture of a killer whale falling into the water but it's a small whale), and we stopped on this little island that I seriously want to spend a few weeks there next summer it's such a cute little town with all the locals and such.

Alright I'm exhausted and I need to go find out who has the same classes as me. Schedules excite me but I hate the thought of summer ending so fast. Peace ♥
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July 12 / 08:33 pm

i get home fri. or sat. i think
dont have time to update but i will when i get home about all the cities and such

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July 01 / 10:20 pm
OK PEOPLE. so this will be my last little update for 2 weeks :) californiaaaaa.

um. ill have lots of pictures when i get back.

today i went to TARGET<33 and bought little boys undershirts lmao.

later julian made me come to mizner so i made elizabeth come with me and we just got in chads car and the 4 of us and their friend nicole drove around listening to music. went to the deerfield pier and sat under there for a little bit, got dropped @ elizabeths & came home. i like those children.

my family just ate, and i should probably go to sleep because i have to wake up at fucking 4 in the am. TOOTLES i love you allll.

(i might update maybe? from somewhere?)

(i will be able to make phone calls)

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June 30 / 11:10 pm
So yesterday I went to Kendalls with Erica & Monica. Ericaaa who has her license, took us to McDonalds, then Sweet Treats. THEN we realized we had totally forgotten about Tara's kitten that we had to feed, so we went there and spent like 45 minutes playing with the cutest kitten ever. Came back to Kendalls, hung out with her brother and his friends. We made a taco bell run @ like 11 for them. Ended up sleeping in Mrs. Gillenbo's room and cracking up and such<3

Woke up at 1 and came home, showered. Kendall, Monica, Erica & Joey came over for movie night lmfao. We didn't even watch movies at first.. went on the roof, ate a shitload of food. Thenn we put in The Butterlfy Effect.. THAT MOVIE WAS INSANE. I loved it wow. Then. I cracked up for like 20 minutes with them until they all left. Seriously I laughed so hard hahaah.<3

I'm tiredddd. Goodnight.
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June 28 / 12:13 pm

did anywone see what happened to the PRECIOUS QUICKIE MART? THE PLACE THAT I LOVE SO?

well yesterday my mom was driving me to the DMV, and there was like 2 firetrucks and like 5 police cars parked all around the quickie mart.

and i see this big black SUV .. INSIDE THE QUICKIE MART. like INSIDE like it crashed straight into it. it was so fucked up. but i dont know what happened, and i havent heard anything about it. BUT I SAW THAT.

i love the quickie mart :( i hope the guys ok and he can put up his shelves and windows all nice so we can go there again. sigh its like our neighborhood vicinity.

man, if it was a drunk driver or someone on drugs, thats fuckedddd up.
and if it was someone who had a seizure or heart attack, thats soo sad :(
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June 27 / 06:37 pm
[ mood | cranky ]

Well well lots to say. Friday I went to the beach for a very short bit with Laura. I actually forget what we did? Hahahah.. hmm. But yes we went to the beach lol.

Saturday I swam in the pool with my family and tanned and such. That night I went to Cypress Head with Laura & Monica. Fun :) Stuff stuff stuff, laughed etc. The highlight: Laura was riding on Monica's handlebars from Joey's house to Mark's, and Monica made a sharp turn. Laura is jerked off the bike, face first into the asphalt road. While Laura is still lying there, Monica fails to brake the bike and literally runs over both of Laura's legs. Joey and I watched the bike wheels going over her LEGS. LMFAO. I felt so bad for Laura, she was very cut up :( But it seriously was hilarious<3 Hung out at Mark's with him, joey, the 3 of us, emily (happy birthdayyy!), david & ethan. Laura & Monica slept over mi casa. We ordered pizza at like 12 and somehow managed to say up till 3, passed out.

Woke up, almost went to breakfast with Ross, but instead headed to the beach. We met up with Gara and buried Monica in the sand, then sat under the pier and talked. Good talk, ladies :) Chatted with Tyler & Chad for a bit. Came homee, got in a fight with my dad, got grounded for today and tomorrow (I'm only allowed to have friends over - no going out). Got my permit today, drove around the block as my mom FLIPPED out. (I'd be like 4 feet away from a mailbox slightlyyy turned in the direction of the mailbox, and she'd be like screammming WATCH OUT YOURE CRASHING THE MAILBOX.) so annoying haha. Stopped at a designer consignment store and bought some pretty black designer vintage skirt shit, its cute though.

ehhh i feel sick. CALIFORNIA/WASHINGTON IN 4 DAYS! im screammiinngg on the inside! woooop.

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June 23 / 01:42 pm
[ mood | bouncy ]

I had about 6 different nightmares last night, I woke up horribly shaken. They included watching two suicides, being chased by gangster thugs through streets in Asia, and small children chucking waterballoons at my face. No kidding. An old man jumped from his window as the kids were throwing balloons at me in the street, and I ran to my mom crying, only to find a dead puppy on my doorstep, and I couldn't find my brothers. In Asia, the thugs were chasing me (I was with some random lady who was my step-aunt and her kids and the boy was a cutie?) and the police (HE WAS THE POLICEMAN WE SAW AT THE BOWLING ALLEY LOL) wouldnt help me and the streets were so dirty and crowded :( Sighhhh.

I'm going to go see that documentary about children and ballroom dancing in a few hours with Laurentina, at a cheap rundown theatre in Deerfield haah. $2.50 for children FUCK YEAH! It should be fun. I'm just going to say "it was amazing" now, because I'm sure it will be, so you don't have to ask when I get back, bc you all care so much and stuff ;)

Later I'll be bored.

Last night I went bowling with Laura, Monica & Andres :) We ran into Dylan Evans and Ross.. what a fucked up crew <3 lmao so much joke cracking and laughter. "hey frenchie can i tax you for being my friend?" .. Ross pissed of Dylan so much by changing his bowling name to cum dumpster and dousche and all this stuff rofll. Laura and I collapsed on the floor after banging heads, it was horrible. MONICA HAS NO FATHER AND I POINTED IT OUT ONCE AGAIN when she asked who would ever kiss her forehead dent, and I was like, "your daddy ? oh wait.. you dont have a daddy!" lmfao. I SUCK AT BOWLING. Ross had to bowl for chucklez, lala, chubbs, frenchie, & cumdumster. what am i talking about? im delirious..

beep beep movie time?

the night before bowling
i went to club 99 with laura and christine. CRAZYYYYY. but so fun. ran into a bunch of random people. (ERICA KENDALL SARAH KRISTEN, ritas old pope boys.. dan & austin? michelle and brittania etc. from like 4th grade? and shit like thatt) i think we shall go again next tuesday, except with everyone. gahh we came home with sweat dripping from our hair, it looked like we were in a sauna with our clothes on, which we basically were, it was amazingg. and ate blueberries and passed out at lauras. WOOF.

yo. im low on cash.

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you're not the devil, you're just practice [Tuesday
June 21 / 12:32 pm
Yesterday I woke up for breakfast with Ross & Laura and it was rainy. We did the Kmart thinggg. And you know what, I got pissed off because usually even the MANAGER just smiles at us while we try to skateboard through kmart dressed up like jay adams wearing all the clothes we can find, but some random asshole who didn't even work there gave us a hard time. i h8 him. so we sat on the chair for a really long time until my mom picked us up.

laura and i came home and dressed up like jay adams again, and then realized we had nothing to do, so took off our costumes and watched boy meets world and ate toast all afternoon. finally we got out to see Batman Begins with Ross & Tyler. GREAT MOVIE. I really loved it, I was fascinated. & thenn we dropped them off and came home and ate leftover fettuchini<3 and talked to Joey on the phone and read our books for like 3 hours, until we passed out. woke up, ate and read some more. I just finished The Girls Guide to Hunting & Fishing.. such a good funny book. sigh.

so tonight i suppose we're going to club 99. we'll see how that goes. ♥
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June 19 / 06:04 pm
I forget what I've done since I last updated, but I went to the beach every day since.. Friday? Haha today with my family for father's day, and me and my brothers played this stupid game, twas fun. Just ate at an amazing Italian place with my grandparents and family. Me and my brothers were cracking up for some reason, and my grandma told me the cutessst story of how her and my grandpa met. (On a bus, she started laughing and she gets the hiccups when she laughs just like in Life is Beautiful, and ever since then he 'pursued' her and went to parties where he thought she would be bc they both knew his cousin or some shit like that. soo cute) Hmmm I heard the song You're So Vain or whatev twice today.

So I've been starting and stopping 3 different books, and I read a whole other one in between, I can't decide which one I wanna read most. But The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing is so good and cute and stuff, my mom gave it to me like 2 days ago and I'm almost done, I read it in the wee hours of the morning. She also bought me clothes from NYC, except she got lost so she ended up shopping at a regular Urban Outfitters hahaha. Her and my dad saw two plays and went bicycling through Central Park rofl. I want to go to NY again :(

I'm so boreeddd and i doubt my parents will let me out since its fathers day, and they refused to go see a movie bc they wanna watch one at home (gay?) .. but the roof shouldnt be slippery anymore so many ill just go sit up there and be bored with my bad self.
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June 15 / 07:31 pm
beep beep beep da beep da beep

so the ants are gone ;)

last night was SUPPOSED to be BEP show at mizner.. very cancelled indeed. but laura, monica & tara and i went to mizner and met christine, caroline & kristen and got starbucks and ice cream and stuff. tara peed in the bushes and we walked to club 99 to check out the sceneeee, ran into some pope people, we are so going next tuesday. caroline and christine ended up going in but the rest of us walked back to mizner like party poopers and got more starbucks and got picked up :) didnt feel like clubbin i guessss. slept over lauras and ate lots of grapes. my parents just called for NY, theyre having fun seeing shows and museums and shit, im jealous :( i need to walk the dog.

so today laura and i went to the beach, saw taraaa <33 and her two boys, and then tyler came and swam with us. im burnt and such, came home and went to see Madagascar with the grandparents and brothers. cute, but semi annoying haha. some funny parts.

we're going to eat mamama pizza tonight and i see that my grandma is grooming the orchid that i was slowly killing by not caring for it, so thats good. tomorrows my grandpas birthday and i have to stay in alll of the day and allll of the night and make him a cake and invite relatives over. PEACE

ORMIGAS!! [Tuesday
June 14 / 11:22 am
La ormiga no es tu amiga.

So my room got attacked by ants yesterday, coming in from my window sill, huge motherfuckers. My dad sprayed the hose at my window but the only climbed in more to escape the waters of doom, I ran to the neighbors to get Raid but it was the wrong kind so my mom ran to the store. Today the Truly Nolen lady came and now they're mostly gone. There was so many ew.

Last nightt I went to Mizner to see Elizabeth, Nina & Kendall :) We talked for a little bit with two random guys from pennsylvannia? got starbucks and then I came home and watched Bridget Jones with my mom.

MY PARENTS LEAVE TODAY AND MY GRANDPARENTS ARE COMING, but I'm going to mizner for the Black Eyed Peas and then sleeping at Laura's.. so basically my last night of freedom until Friday :( ♥
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June 13 / 08:19 pm

friday night i went to ritas to say bye before she flew away to lebanon. crazy night.

saturday i ate lunch at macaroni grill with my familia and then went off to cypress head, also a fun night. laura slept over and sunday morning we went to breakfast at dennys with ross and tyler, what a tradition.

sunday i saw the pants movie again with KENDALL :) and then i slept at her house and we watched peliculas and televizzle until 4 in the am and talked and such <33

today i went to the beach with laura and we soaked up some sun and ate ice cream and sat staring into space on the corner of IWS for about 2 hours haha <333

DAMNIT i dont want my parents to go away this week because it = my grandparents have to know everywhere i am and i have to find rides, and i can only go out like TWICE or i have to just have people over my house :(

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June 10 / 04:00 pm
[ mood | confused ]

I feel the need to update lately. Last night was so much fun. Alyssa's mom let her come over (!) and we were sitting around, and Ross & Tyler were gonna stop by to say hi but then they cancelled. So we were outside getting ready to play capture the flag with my brothers and their friend, and Tyler and Ross surprise us and ride up on their bikes haha. So we played capture the flag for a while, and then all jumped in the pool, so fun haha. Played water games for a really long time and had like a violent war of throwing and whipping and splashing, and then the 4 of us layed on my driveway and talked. Then ate a shitload of ice cream and crackers, and hung out until like 12. Those two are like my around-the-corner big brothers :) Alyssa and I chilled here today and ran around in the rain for a little bit until her mom came. We shampooed our hair in the rain ;) And washed it out under the gutter, grosss hahahah. Cold hard rain, but it was good. Tonight I need to go see RITA MY LOVE before the leaves for her country of Lebanon tomorrow haha <3 So hopefully that will work out. And thennnn I realllly need sleep. PEACE.

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June 09 / 01:26 pm
[ mood | contemplative ]

Hiiii loves. Yesterday Laura and I went to the beach again.. finally some decent weather for a few hours. Hung out under the pier with those same kids. Read a magazine on the couch at IWS for like 3 hours haha and rinsed off in the hose. Got reallllly good ice cream, and a hobo commented on my shirt. Then Tyler took my shirt, put it on, stretched it out and tried to keep it. Jackass.

Laterr Laura, Lauren, Kristen and I spent the night at Christines and saw The Sisterhood movie.. so cute. I need to read the books now. I cried like twice. Got home, sat on the dock with a flashlight telling stories for a while until an alligator almost got near us and we had to call her dad to save us. Came in and talked until we realized it was like 3am and then ended up staying up till 6am because of Lauren and her nonstop laughing and babbling and us cracking up and talking about our fears and scaring the shit out of ourselves. Woke up at 11, came home. Now I'm groggy, the weather SUCKS today and I need to shower. Peace<3

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June 07 / 11:05 pm
[ mood | insane ]

I AM FILLED WITH HAPPINESS AND JOY. love it. just because i have nothing to worry about. vacationnnn.

Monday I got out of my last final, math, during which I felt nauseous. Said bye to everyone etc. etc. Laura and I pretty much immediately went to the beachhh, with Julian, Tyler, Kevin sort of & this kid Chad. Laura and I walked off for a while and got subway, then we all went to Julian's mom's condo's pool <- ha. Uhh got picked up, went to Laura's, walked to the pizza place and ate. Got ready for the movies, Tyler called after drinking way too much sake with his madre so we picked him up and saw Lords of Dogtown, great movie. Went back to Laura's and slept.

This morning we woke up and watched some televizzle before going to the beach again w. Julian, Christine, Tyler, Caroline, Chad & two other random guys Henry & CJ who we renamed as Caesar because he was this INSANE little guy who smoked too many cigarettes for his own good and downed a whole bottle of whipped cream in Chad's car that he stole from Julian's mom's fridge and he hit the dong with his dick (but it didn't make a noise) and he kept talking about masturbating and being black? So we sat under the pier for a while and a bird shat on my leg, fabulous. Went to Julian's condo again for a bit, hung out, back to the beach, got pizza & ice cream, volleyball, went in the water etc. etc. Mom picked us up. Then mall with Laura, bought like 2 things, came home, and now I want to stay up all night by myself doing stupid things. Maybe I'll climb out my window and chill on my roof or something. I feel like egging a house. But we all know I won't.


I <3 SUMMER. peace.

EDIT: OH YEAH! we watched this little skimmer slam his head on the side of a board and he starts running up the beach yelling "FUCK SHIT FUCK SHIT I GOTTA GO TO THE HOSPITAL" as the side of his head was bleeding like near his temple.. so scary, the skimmers all stopped skimming after that and the lifeguard helped him. weirdd.

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June 05 / 01:17 pm
I feel sick, I dunno why.

Friday night I went to mizner with Laura, Christine, Brooke, Kristen, Caroline, Julian, Joey, Micheal, Mark David & Josh. Ehh it wasn't the same as our mizner thing usually is AT ALL, but it still ended up being a fun night. We got dinner, Gypsy Kings were playing, got Sloans and Starbucks, barely went to the dumpster and didn't even do anything, but we had fun, we went into a random playground and it rained on us. Christine, Brooke & Laura slept over, my parents didn't know they were here bc I just randomly told them to sleep at my house and we got home at like 1, and tried to steal a mattress from my brothers room so we could all fit but ended up on the floor laughing about Christine's nanny stories and the marsupials.

Saturday I was bored. Laura and I got McDonalds at like 8 and went and read books and magazines at Barnes & Nobles until closing time, and then got Jamba Juice. I bought this book last night, The Boyfriend List, which cracked me up, it was cute and you could so relate to it. But it had one of those endings that leaves everything up to your imagination, but I suppose it was a happy ending anyways. I stayed up reading and finished it this morning. Later I have a piano recital? Gay.

So tomorrow I have my math final, and then I'm out. IF THE WEATHER CLEARS UP, maybe I'll go to the beach. I need summer. I feel like theres a few things in my way right now, piano, math final, and other gay stuff, and once I finish those summer will start.
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i think we'd see the beauty there and stand staring in awe [Tuesday
May 31 / 08:13 pm
[ mood | bitchy ]

1. The weather was disgusting and black

2. I lost this beautiful bracelet my aunt handmade me for my birthday, and it was all different shades of green my fav color :( The clasp kept falling off and I have noo idea where it is but the greedy bastard middle schoolers probly grabbed it.

3. Drama, and adults, are gay.

4. I can't deal with stupid people. I just can't deal with ignorance and stupidity sometimes. I mean we all have our moments, but seriously, come on.

5. My dad flew out to NY again. My mom is in a bad mood and I'm not sure why yet.

6. Finals.

7. Love triangles never work out, and being a matchmaker is confusing rofl.

8. Today I got sent to the deans after school for saying "fuck you" to the boyfriend. HAHA it was kind of hilarious. They let us go.. for now hah.

9. Joey just called and told me he found a bracelet during spanish but then threw it in the trash. And then told me he was totally lying and did not find a bracelet. And proceeded to be awful and tell me all of the things that could have happened to my bracelet and how I will never find it. lmfaoooo.


1. Summer is almost here, and I'm going to let it be amazing. LET IT BE. not make it be. just let it be :) Because it will be. Even if you think it will suck ..cough Alyssa.. it will be ok, you can do wholesome things such as crafts and making new bracelets for me ;) And it will be fun. Summer is always fun. I'm excited for my california trip.

2. Ummm.. nothing? Hahah.

Whatever. Life is still good. <3

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May 26 / 07:23 pm
[ mood | melancholy ]

This weekend should be fun. Thank god we have monday off.

I learned something recently. Don't ever do anything, unless you're totally unashamed and ok with everyone knowing about it. Especially if you go to my school.. because no matter how much you think NOBODY will find out, if you do it, you have to assume everyones going to find out and you'll still be ok with it - because I can guarantee, they most likely will all find out. In other words, don't do something that you're only ok with doing as long as it's a secret, because it's hard to keep secrets. But no regrets, remember that too. Hah. It's kind of funny actually. Luckily I'm not regretting anything lately.. but just wanted to share that I learned that lol.

I am so tired out. The weather makes me want to lay in bed and sleep forever.

This is that kind of stormy rain that you enjoy when you're sad and cozy in a blanket with hot chocolate. I like it.

But I also like the kind of rain that is like a shower and makes you want to run around outside naked covered in soap. Haaaaah.

School is incredibly boring.

Peace & love ♥

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